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About Us

Envoy Energy is the leading onsite mobile renewable energy refueling provider dedicated to offering fleets safe, easy, and flexible access to renewable fuels.

Fueling the Future

There is a powerful transition underway around the world. Commercial fleets are converting from diesel to renewable energy, a cleaner and more cost-effective solution for powering their vehicles. In North America Envoy is leading the way with mobile onsite renewable energy refueling.

Our Vision

To accelerate the transition to renewable energy.

Our Mission

Making the renewable energy transition simple and flexible.

Our safety commitment

Envoy Energy is committed to conducting business in a manner that eliminates or minimizes hazards, by providing accident and injury prevention programs, and striving for each of our employees to return safely to their families every evening. We believe that an injury free workplace and a strong positive safety culture can support innovation and drive positive change by continuously adapting and improving how we think and act as we learn and grow.

Our well developed training matrix ensures that our employees are also trained for competency in safety knowledge and skills which is essential for our safety culture growth and hazard recognition, which leads to injury prevention and saves costs.

Message from the president

The future of transportation is zero-emissions; however, it is currently difficult to see a clear path to electric and fuel cell battery powered for heavy-duty transportation. There are too many variables that must be determined before an accurate picture comes into view of the true cost of ownership and practicality of transitioning away from fossil fuels as a transportation fuel. What we have learned from CNG (compressed natural gas) is that the fuel of choice must be cost effective, flexible, and convenient – just like how it is with diesel.

Over the next 10 years the only economical, commercially viable, and lower emission fuel of choice is RNG (renewable natural gas). RNG fueling infrastructure is already in place but what is missing is the simplicity, mobility, and flexibility that we currently experience with diesel. This is where Envoy Energy is leading the way.

Envoy provides mobile onsite CNG and RNG fueling to return-to-base fleets to ensure we save you time and money by delivering fuel directly to you. Our goal is to lower your refueling costs, optimize driver time, and increase your productivity. We know that drivers can spend 45 minutes or more refueling at a cardlock or retail station, when factoring in line ups, extra idle time, actual refueling time, and then driving back to home base.

We understand the biggest challenge to transitioning away from diesel is “change management”. As such, we are aiming to provide heavy-duty fleets with mobile onsite refueling to make things simple – we want you to maintain your current logistical operations, scheduling, and planning while powering your vehicles with renewable energy.


I have spent most of my career advising companies on mergers and acquisitions and raising growth capital. As a trusted advisor to senior executives and business owners, my focus was always on building long-term relationships and providing innovative and creative solutions to complex strategic and financial issues.


James Ro, President, Envoy Energy

We utilize existing fueling infrastructure across North America

Our mobile onsite delivery is a simple and turn-key solution that can be expanded across the U.S. and Canada.